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Industrial Blade Sharpening Services

Maintaining Blade Edges for the UK

Professional Machine Blade and Knife Sharpening

Worn or damaged blades reduce operational efficiencies and no longer process recycling material with precision. Although designed for continuous use, even high-quality blades show wear. Avoid dull blades and inefficiencies by maintaining them with our professional blade sharpening services. Re-sharpen your blades to OEM specifications and tolerances to maintain cutting edge consistency and avoid purchasing replacements blades or knives.

Sharpen Instead of Replace

At ETM, we offer an additional service to customers within the UK to resharpen them to extend their blade life. Our Sheffield based facilities routinely precisely sharpens a variety of machine blades or knives such as shear blades, baler blades and granulator blades. Sharpening and refurbishing your blades and knives with ETM means they are completed on professional grinding machinery by the same team that grinds our new blades.

Upon receiving the blades, we will assess the viability of re-sharpening before either passing the blade to production or contacting you to advise you to replace the blade. If we determine your blades are suitable for re-sharpening, they will be passed on to production for cleaning and re-grinding to give them back their cutting edge. When re-grinding, we select the appropriate grinding process for the specific edge and remove as little stock as possible to prolong the life of your blade.

If your blade has too much damage or is worn too far and cannot be safely sharpened, we will contact you and if required provide a quotation for new blades.