Shear blade manufacturer

Excellence in machine knives

Edge Tool Manufacturing specialises in manufacturing shear blades and knives for the metals recycling industry. Our machine blades are built using superior design standards, materials, and in-house manufacturing processes that are backed by over 40 years of expertise and trusted by OEMs and scrap metal recycling companies worldwide.

ETM Shear Blades

Made with precision from high-grade alloy tool steel using our Ferramax process, our shear blades provide exceptional reliability and durability. The blades are suitable for processing non-ferrous materials as well as general and demolition scrap. They can also be used on high-capacity hydraulic processing shears in excess of 2,000 tonnes.

ETM’s shear blades are hardy, designed to have a long service life, and easy to maintain. They can withstand extensive operating hours and can be either flipped or rotated before they reach their end of life. Our precision manufactured shear blades are ideal for large volume applications where specific-sheared-to-length material is required for transportation. All design, manufacturing, and heat treatment is performed in-house to ensure that our strict quality standards are maintained.

Manufacturer of Standard and Bespoke Blades

Our in-house manufacturing reflects the quality that the Made in Sheffield mark represents and is present in both our standard and bespoke shear blades.

Standard Shear Blades

To meet the timescales of clients, we keep a range of standard blades in stock . Available stock shear blades include scrap shears, metal processing shears, demolition shears, guillotine shears, alligator shear blades and more.

Bespoke Shear Blades

At ETM, we are able to manufacture custom blades that meet client specifications regarding length, width, and grade of blade material. We will work with you to design a blade that suits the metals you are processing and the application in which they will be used. We are also able to reverse engineer special bespoke blades for original machines.


Trusted Internationally

We are known locally and internationally for our quality, depth of skill, and fast delivery. Our exacting standards enable us to produce blades that meet the specifications of all major manufacturers’ equipment, including:

  • Bonfiglioli
  • Copex
  • Harris
  • Henschel
  • Lefort
  • Leimbach
  • Lindemann
  • Louritex
  • Moros
  • Taurus
  • Vezzani
  • Sierra International Machinery
  • Mosley
  • Cosmo
  • Ficep Corporation
  • Deltamatic