Granulator Blades and Shredder Tips

Manufactured to Improve Operational Uptime

Extensive industry knowledge and expertise goes into the manufacturing of ETM’s granulator blades and shredder tips for the plastics recycling industry. Designed and manufactured in-house, our granulating blades meet the quality specifications and equipment of all the major granulator manufacturers.

Granulator Blades and Shredder Tips

ETM’s reliable granulators and shredder tips can be used to reprocess a variety of plastics recycling materials. They are manufactured to process or grind [common consumer plastics or engineering plastics] into consistent and uniform plastic granules or flakes with minimal dust production. Our blades for machine granulators and shredder tips are trusted by OEMs and plastic recycling companies who need a high-quality machine knife that meets exact specifications in size and blade hardness.

High-grade Materials for Increases in Operational Performance  

Our entire range of granulator blades and shredder tips are made using high-grade alloy tool steel 1.2379 and are heat treated in-house to produce a blade with durable edge strength. The industrial machine knives are able to process a range of plastics materials at variable speeds while maintaining their toughness. Their long wearing design provides increased wear resistance that reduces the frequency of knife and bolt replacement costs to improve operational uptime.


Made In Sheffield Mark

The Made in Sheffield Mark represents the quality of manufactured products made in Sheffield, England and is understood internationally as one of the world’s great brands. Having manufactured machine knives in Sheffield for over 40 years, the Made in Sheffield mark and expertise in manufacturing machine knives extends to ETM’s range of granulator blades and shredder tips that are used in plastic recycling industry .