Durable and Long-Life Industrial Baler Blades

Backed by 40 Years of Experience

Edge Tool Manufacturing is an established British manufacturer with a history of providing original manufacturer quality in baler blades for the metal recycling industry. For over 40 years, ETM’s baler blades have delivered exceptional reliability and durability. Our blades are trusted internationally and chosen by OEM manufacturers and metal recycling companies.

ETM Baler Blades

Precision made from high-grade alloy tool steel using our Ferramax process, ETM  baler blades are made in-house from start to finish to ensure that our stringent quality standards are maintained. This provides clients with a blade that is fully designed, manufactured, and heat treated by our experienced ETM manufacturing team.

The material grade and treating processing of our baler blades create a strong, high impact blade that retains its cutting durability and wear-resistance. Baler blades can process ferrous material from heavy metal steel products such as rebar, railroad ties, and I-beams in addition to non-ferrous materials. They are suitable for high volume recycling applications that operate at variable or fixed speeds. ETM baler blades can be installed in vertical and horizontal balers and are ideal for use on high capacity hydraulic processing shears in excess of 2,000 tonnes.

Bespoke Baler Blades

In addition to producing and stocking standard blades for the majority of recycling shear equipment brands, we work with customers to develop and manufacture baler blades to meet specific requirements. Working from rough ideas to full engineering drawings, we are able to make blades to precise dimensions with exacting tolerances. Each blade produced reflects our exacting standards and the quality represented in the Made in Sheffield mark.


Standard Baler Blades

ETM’s wide range of standard blades fit the specifications of all major manufacturers’ equipment including Harris and Lindemann  Machinery.