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Bespoke Machine Blades and Knives

Engineered In-house for British Quality

As a British manufacturer of machine knives for over 40 years, we are experts in our field. Our industry knowledge, design, and manufacturing processes consistently produce high-quality blades that meet precise dimensions with exacting tolerances.

Bespoke Industrial Machine Blades and Cutting Knives

In addition to producing and stocking standard blades for the majority of recycling shear equipment brands, ETM is also able to provide customers with bespoke shear blades and baler blades.

Our development team has exceptional technical knowledge and an understanding of the industry that is trusted by our customers in the UK and abroad. We are able to work from rough ideas to full engineering drawings. We can even reverse  engineer machine blades thanks to our knowledge of material grades, machine models, and OEM metals and plastics recycling manufacturers.

Our Bespoke Blade Services

We work with customers to understand what you are processing, how you are processing it, and your challenges to give you expert recommendations on the appropriate blade hardness and material grade for your application. This will produce a blade that gives you better wearability on your cutting edge, efficiently process your recycling materials, and prevent down time.

All bespoke blades and  accessories such as high tensile blade bolts, nuts and shims are produced in-house, following our stringent procedures. We insist on complete control from the manufacturing of the raw material through to dispatch in order to guarantee engineering excellence.

An Eye for Quality

Our reputation has been built on the quality of our products, from our design standards and the materials we use, to the manufacturing processes employed. Our ability to manufacture machine blades and parts that meet the exacting demands of any customer have allowed use to build customer relationships both domestic and abroad.

An International Perspective

Our focus on establishing customer relationships has allowed ETM blades to be shipped worldwide. As a trusted business known for quality British products, we are accustomed to adjusting our policies and procedures to meet the varying export criteria between ports for our international customers.