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Ferramax, The Mark of Quality Machine Knives

Our Ferramax manufacturing process is not just a brand, it is a representation of our company values. It represents the UK-sourced high alloy, high quality tool steel materials we use as well as our tried and tested in-house manufacturing processes. Ferramax is present in all of our machine blades and knives whether we are mass producing standard blades or short-run bespoke parts to meet client specifications. Our Ferramax process ensures all of our products have superior wear resistance, durability, and reliability.

– Available Machine Knives and Accessories –

Shear Blades

Made for the metals recycling industry, ETM’s shear blades are designed to process non-ferrous materials and are suitable for use on high capacity hydraulic processing shears in excess of 2,000 tonnes.

Shear Blade Accessories

High tensile blade bolts, locating bushes, nuts and shims are available for all of our standard blades and bespoke blades for simple and rapid installation. Orders for accessory replacements are also possible.

Baler Blades

Strong, high impact blades that are suitable for high volume metal recycling applications that process ferrous and non-ferrous materials at variable operating speeds and capable for use on hydraulic processing shears.

 Granulator Blades and Shredder Tips 

Process or grind plastic recycling materials at variable speeds while maintaining edge toughness to produce consistency and uniformity in flakes. Designed to be long wearing and to meet OEM equipment specifications.

Demolition Attachments

Manufactured for high cutting strength performance, our range of replaceable teeth and blades are ideal for a variety of demolition equipment used in primary and secondary demolition, recycling, and rail breaking processes.

Bespoke Blades

Engineer bespoke machine blades and knives with our in-house experts who can work from rough ideas or full engineering drawings to design blades that meet your specific dimensions and exacting tolerances.

ETM only uses the finest for both standard and bespoke machine blades and knives. All of our cutting solutions are made in-house to ensure that we provide you with our superior design, material, and manufacturing standards. Our reputation as a trusted British manufacturer with an eye for quality, has allowed us to become the machine blade and knife supplier for metal and plastics recycling companies in addition to supplying OEMs.

Shear & Baler Blades
Shear Blade Accesories
Demolition Attachments